Corporate branding and identity design

We aim to breath new life into your brand. With the 37 Northwest comprehensive branding services whether your business needs a new logo, business cards, or an emailer build to perfection, you can guarantee that we will deliver.

The 37 Northwest branding services are aimed at helping your business branding and identity reach its full potential, taking your business to the next level.

the building blocks of brand identity

Unveiling your brand design

When it comes to branding your business, every detail matters. The more consistent you are in your branding, the more likely a potential customer may remember you for the little things: which font you used, what your colors are, or even how brilliantly simplistic or artistic your logo is.

37 Northwest Branding Benefits

build an identity for your brand


An amazing, professional and instantly recognizable logo for your brand will let your customers and clients know they're doing business with you, building brand confidence for future prospects.

building your brand color profile


With a color palette and designs chosen specifically for your brand, you'll have a color guideline to maintain consistency from platform to platform; whether it's your business card, website or print, your customers and clients will know and trust you.

establishing trust with your brand


Being consistent with your logo, colors and designs, when people see your brand they'll be able to instantly identify it and know they're safe doing business with you. Trust is an important factor for business, and it can bring in tons of customers that have seen your brand before from friends, family, or even advertising.

Your brand identity builds trust over time. Being instantly recognizable will increase customer confidence surrounding your brand.

Your brand identity represents your business as a whole. It needs to be clean and concise while at the same time conveying what your company will accomplish. 37 Northwest will work with you on what that brand identity is, and what it means to your customers and clients.

We'll build and deliver a branding style guide: everything you need to keep your brand consistent between mediums. Exact colors, palettes, and logo along with logo sizing for different applications. With the 37 Standard, we settle for nothing less than perfection. Once your brand has its identity, you don't want to change it and lose the benefits you worked hard for in making it known.

What makes branding successful?

Brands have been used for centuries. It's a quick, off-the-cuff way to recognize a business and how you can rely on them to follow through. Establishing a strong brand identity reinforces the credence accredited to your work, helping secure future work once they see your brand and recognize it as a company that's helped someone they know.


Broken promises account for 54% of loss in brand trust.

keeping your brand appearance the same


Your customers and clients expect consistency, 60% of them in fact, when dealing with your brand across mediums.

selecting your brand colors


Color increases brand recognition by up to 80%!


64% of consumers say shared values is why they build a relationship with a brand.

Marketing Tools For Branding And Identity

When developing a branding strategy, uniformity is key. Each little detail can go leaps and bounds in determining who you are as a business, from the font you use to the design of your website and business cards. Here at 37 Northwest we are determined to help you along the road to excellent branding by helping your business portray the right message to your customers from the first interaction to the last.

creating a unique logo for your business

Logo Design

A unique logo is important for quick recognition, letting customers and clients know it's you they're trusting.

branded designs for your business cards

Business Card Design

Using the same color palette and brand as every other medium, business cards are a quick way to gain referrals. Having a professional design increases confidence in your brand, and assists in the consistency of your brand identity.

official branded deisng for office stationary

Stationary Design

Having an official design for documents lends the weight of your brand to the text held on paper, and assists in establishing your brand identity when people see your stationary at the office of someone they trust.

branded package design for your products

Package Design

There's not a lot of space on packages, every word must count and follow your brand style. For brick-and-mortar sales, this is a powerful trust factor.

Branded marketing mailers developed to give you leads

Traditional Mailers

In the modern world we live in, your brand and design must have a significant "Wow!" factor for your mailers to be memorable. 42% of people read catalogs received in the mail, ensure yours is one of them!

branded design for stickers and banners

Sticker/Banner Design

Stickers are a common way to show support for a brand, and banners are a great way to let potential customers and clients know they can come visit you at a location.

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