Superior Website Creation

A website can make or break a business. In today's day in age the bulk of customer leads start on the internet. Give yourself the competitive edge that your competitors wish they had... a stunning website.

By utilizing modern day web practices, 37 Northwest can promise that the experience a customer has when visiting your website is unforgettable, improving customer retention and quality leads. Each design is put through a strenuous quality control check to guarantee nothing less than perfection is delivered. Whether it's a website redesign or starting from the ground up, 37 Northwest will build a website leaving your customers in awe and your competitors in terror.

1. Discover

A free consultation allows our team the opportunity to know you, your business, and your clientel.

3. Code

You’ve approved your layout! As we begin the coding process your dream website is sculpted into a reality.

5. Enjoy

Now that your new website is live and your team is trained, we want to help it stay awesome. Our team is always available for any questions you may have and future optimizations.

2. Design

Every website is unique. We will ensure we layout your website to conform to the latest web standards. We'll spend time in this stage until your website looks like your dreams have come true. Because they will.

4. Deploy

It's go time! Show off your new site with pride. Once the site is live, we will train you and your teams on your awesome new platform to guarantee a seamless transition.

Content Management Systems

Magento E-Commerce Development

Magento is one of the top eCommerce CMS platforms in the world. With its ability to handle complex product offerings, product management and expansion is easy for any online storefront.

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Magento E-Commerce

  • Built for E-Commerce Websites
  • Easy Product Management
  • Business Scaling Made Simple
  • Ability to Manage Multiple Sites in One Place
silverstripe development for your business

SilverStripe CMS Development

SilverStripe allows for the utmost in customization. With SilverStripe, our developers can quickly give you the custom website you want with every functionality you deserve. SilverStripe will have your site running lightning-fast with the least amount of code bloat.

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  • Clean User-Interface
  • Increased Website Security
  • Allows for Personalized Functionality
  • Light-Weight Design
  • Great API Integrations
squarespace design for your business

SquareSpace CMS Development

SquareSpace is an entirely cloud based content management system making it easy to simply login and make changes on the spot. SquareSpace offers an easy drag and drop interface, allowing you to view edits immediately.

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  • Easy-to-Use Editing Interface
  • Integrate with Social Media Channels
  • Integrate Surveys, Forms and More
  • No Need to Worry About Patches or Updates

WordPress CMS Development

When it comes to CMS platforms, WordPress is the most widely utilized. WordPress offers an easy to use interface making management of your website a breeze, and allows you to keep it at its best.

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  • User Friendly Management
  • Piles of Plugins
  • Easy to Customize
  • Search Engine Friendly

Custom Development

API Integration

API Integrations can help streamline the day to day business process and help save time and money. From an API that helps manage social channels to assisting with product tracking, whatever needs your company has. 37 Northwest can build the connection that improves your business.

Code Refactoring

Websites run better when the code is clean, that’s just the nature of the beast. By reducing code bloat 37 Northwest can improve website speed while maintaining the functionality that is currently in place. On top of improved website performance, cleaner code means any future expansion will be less of a headache.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) assists advancement in all types of business management. With the ability to collect, store, manage and interpret business data in an automated real-time fashion, data-oriented decisions become more accurate and organized keeping a business thriving.

RPC Development

Results come best from teamwork. With custom Remote Procedure Call (RPC) development from 37 Northwest, we improve upon currently existing functionality by tying processes together for a seamless procedure. When the software was not made to connect to your systems, we work our magic to improve your software capabilities.

Improved Website Visibility With SEO

Search Engine Optimization gives a website the competitive advantage by becoming visible to a customer in their time of need. Google and other search engines have become a powerful tool in today’s internet marketing tool belt. With the use of modern SEO tactics, 37 Northwest can leverage search engines to boost website traffic and bring in a flood of new users. Whether it’s a product or informational search, by becoming the solution to a user’s problem, it is much easier to gain loyalty and trust.

1. Site Audit

By thoroughly auditing a website, we will determine the necessary steps to improve website visibility.

3. On-Page Optimization

With a solid foundation set, it's time to utilize our SEO Wizardry and optimize the site. Leaving no stone unturned, this is where the magic happens!

5. Increased Web Traffic

Sit back, relax and watch your website traffic grow. We monitor your rankings to make sure everything is flowing smoothly just as expected.

2. Keyword Research

Quality keyword research efforts guide the optimization process in the right direction ensuring the most potential traffic out of any searcher's query.

4. Internal Linking

Now that your on-page content is perfected, it's time to link between pages guaranteeing the right signals are sent to Google & various other search engines for top ranks and converting traffic.

Get Ranked, Increase Web Traffic

Discover the Best Industry Terms

Search Engine Optimization is all about user search queries. Detailed research for the best industry terms plays a crucial role in determining which queries your business should target, allowing for the best possible SEO strategy to be put into place. By revealing the most popular search queries you may learn something new about your customers or clients too!

Data Driven Approach

For any successful business approach, data driven decision are key. By analyzing useful data we reveal all the SEO improvements that will have the largest impact on your website rankings. This guarantees that any changes made results in a large flood of new users and customers ready to purchase your products or services and become lifelong regulars.

White-Hat SEO Practices

There are two types of SEO, black hat and white hat. What’s the difference? Black hat SEO practices compromise the livelihood of your website and leave it vulnerable to a future Google penalty. At 37 Northwest, we stay far away from black hat tactics and only utilize white hat efforts to ensure your SEO benefits keep your traffic and business growing for years to come.

Competitive Advantage

SEO is a war between you and your competitors. The odds of getting a potential customer is improved significantly based on who ranks first. Here at 37 we do an exhaustive competitor analysis for each of our clients to confirm that our strategy will give rise to the competitive advantage. The odds of winning a war are improved when you know your enemy.

Identity Design and Branding

Each aspect of a company from logo design, business cards or your website speaks volumes to who you are as an organization. A great branding strategy allows a company to send a message about who they are and what they achieve.

As with other messages, it’s important not to contradict yourself. The same is true for a brand. With 37 Northwest Branding Services, whether you need a logo, a business card, or the whole brand identity package, we guarantee that your brand messages remain consistent in a manner that potential customers remember.

1. Visual Identity

A consultation allows us the opportunity to understand you and your brand to aid in crafting the best identity imaginable.

3. Execute

You’ve chosen a concept! Here we finalize any changes and ensure the final product is something you’re ecstatic to look at, every time.

5. Equip

Everything is finished and it’s time to equip you with the assets that will make your brand identity bulletproof.

2. Concept Creation

Now that we know you and your business, it’s time to craft examples. Until you fall in love with a concept, we aren’t satisfied.

4. Brand Guidelines

Consistency is everything. In this stage we will develop a guide to aid in keeping future efforts on track and your brand identity in one piece.

Develop A Branding Strategy

Color Palette

Colors have an enormous impact on the way people think and do business with a brand. They can manipulate emotions, invoke trust and simply improve the experience that someone has with a brand. 37 Northwest understands the message that colors can send, making it a top priority to choose the right colors when developing a brand identity for your business.

Brand Trust

With the vast access to social media platforms, the way consumers feel about a brand can make or break a company. That is why having a professionally designed brand identity that people can trust is of the utmost importance. All impressions on the consumer matter… especially the first. With the aid of a top-notch brand identity, gaining consumer trust is a breeze.

Brand Consistency

You wouldn’t change the name of your company spontaneously; branding tools should be treated the same. A brand’s message and identity have the most impact on consumers when tactics remain consistent. Everything from font, to colors, to logo design will impact your brand identity. Each brand identity offering from 37 Northwest comes with guidelines to help keep you consistent across all platforms.

Leverage Your Brand

Brand identity is about building a message. Whether it's a logo or website colors, everything speaks to the consumer. By leveraging all your branding tools you can guarantee that the right message is being sent to potential customers, drawing them in and creating a valued lifelong relationship between your brand and them.