Web Redesign From Start to Finish

When we first took a look at Inland Northwest Bookkeeping's website, we knew changes had to happen. And fast.

The linking on the site offered no SEO value, the pages lacked structure, and user experience needed much improvement from its previous state. After consultation and strategic analysis a redesign from the ground up offered the most benefit.

What we delivered was breathtaking. A stunning site, professional, and straight to the point. The owner of Inland Northwest Bookkeeping is extremely accomplished at her job, and we wanted her website to reflect that.

Steps To Success

A website doesn't completely rebuild itself overnight into a lightning-fast, SERP's dominating, mobile friendly and spectacularly-designed masterpiece. Here's the steps we took to ensure Inland Northwest Bookkeeping's web success:

Logo Redesign

The logo Inland Northwest Bookkeeping had been using was a little dated, so we opted for a redesign to get it modern while still going for the Inland Northwest feel.


The most important aspect of any site, and considering the demographic of INW Bookkeeping, is to get seen and used by potential customers & clients. We decided to target local keywords, that can be adapted to national use if so desired, to maximize the SEO benefit of the new site. During the first month alone, Inland Northwest Bookkeeping saw a 360% boost in traffic!

Web Design & Development

After a full analysis of the site, we had decided a complete redesign to be the best option. Ensuring it was light for quick load times and organized in a thoughtful manner for User Experience is vastly important for any site. Having potential customers and clients know they were going to work with an experienced professional and making it as easy as possible to do so was paramount.

Web Hosting

This new site would've had no benefit if it went down! 37 Northwest offers a free year of web hosting, which we know is guaranteed to keep this site alive unless the apocalypse happens, and sustain all of the new traffic from our SEO expertise with ease.

The Redesigned Site

During the redesign, we incorporated the owner of Inland Northwest Bookkeeping with every step. From the logo redesign to the finishing touch, she knew what phase the site was in at all times. As with all good things, waiting is the hard part. When you're working with 37 Northwest, it is well worth the wait!