EPC Racing - Web Development From Start To Finish

When it came time to turn a dream into reality, EPC Racing looked for the best web development team around. When they got in contact with us at 37 Northwest, we were more than happy to take them on and start the creation process.

By meeting with the owners we got a feel for what the design needed to protray and how we should lay out the website to ensure the best experience for the users.

The end result for EPC was a stunning new website that brought to life their vision and then some. With their quality business practices and great new site they were able to make a name for themselves as the best tuning specialists in the Spokane area.

Steps To Success

EPC Racing came to us with a vision and it was our job to turn it into a reality. We knew that in order to achieve the best results they needed a site from start to finish... logo, SEO, Development and hosting. The whole nine yards.

Logo Creation

Since EPC came to us from the start, the first thing they needed was a powerful but simple logo that customers could remember. Spokane has quite a history when it comes to cars, from the raceway to a Model T in the historic Davenport Hotel, so we collaboratively decided on a retro-themed logo.


We knew that in order to thrive SEO would have to be a key point in the foundation of EPC Racing's website. By integrating best SEO practices through-out, EPC racing quickly made strides into becoming one of the most well known tuning shops in Spokane.

Web Design & Development

EPC Racing chose a Magento based platform for easy future expansion and we were happy to get them going. Just like their product, their website was tuned for the best possible performance and customer/client experience.

Web Hosting

Our hosting services have been taking care of EPC Racing's website since day one. With the best web hosting around, we have been able to maintain constant uptime for their website making sure that no clients slip through the cracks.

Print Media

Along with all the other services, EPC needed print media and of course we were prepared. 37 Northwest took charge in creating high quality print materials including business cards, stickers, flyers, banners, and even post cards. We even joined in and assisted with some custom artwork for custom valve covers.

The Final Results & Magento 2 Redesign

EPC Racing was along for the ride every step of the way. They were in the loop from Logo design to launch and everything in between ensuring every aspect of the new website was something EPC Racing could be proud of.

With Magento 1 being sunset in 2018, EPC Racing has reached out to 37 Northwest for a Magento 2 migration. EPC Racing knows we build our websites like they tune their cars - to perfection.