Magento Web Development

Boost Clothing came to 37 Northwest looking for a platform to handle a variety of products, from simple to complex, that was easy to manage and expand. Of course, it had to look spectacular too.

We considered a few options, such as Wordpress and SilverStripe, but the platform that really performed what Boost was looking for was Magento. As one of the most power eCommerce platforms on the planet, it was a no-brainer. At the moment, we're in the process of a Magento 2 conversion for Boost Clothing since support for Magento 1 is being sunset in 2018.

Boost needed a logo, an SEO strategy, design & development for easy management on the Magento platform, and rock-solid web hosting.

Steps To Success

Keeping Boost Clothing's vision in mind, we developed a plan to build them the most awesome, fully-responsive, SERPs dominating website that every website joining the 37 Elite deserves:

Logo Design

Boost Clothing is an apparel company for gearheads, by gearheads. Their logo needed to reflect the car inspiration while still communicating awesome merchandise.


Boost's SEO plan needed to revolve around ranking apparel for purchase-related keywords. By analyzing keywords related to sales of merchandise, we developed and implemented a plan to rank each page for keywords that have a high customer conversion rate.

Web Design & Development

Every eCommerce site has to have two goals in mind: user flow to a product page, and conversions. If it was really that simple, websites wouldn't look nearly as good as they do. We designed Boost Clothing to convey a modern yet solid feel to potential customers. Trust is the deciding factor on whether someone will purchase from the site.

Web Hosting

Having an eCommerce site go down is similar to a storefront being closed. It should be avoided at all costs. With our premium web hosting guaranteeing 99.99% uptime, Boost Clothing has yet to have an outage.

Redesign & Magento 2 Migration In Progress

Boost Clothing was a huge part of our process. From branding colors, to logo, to finished layout and design, Boost was privy to it all.

With Magento 1 coming to a sunset, Boost didn't hesitate to reach out to us for a Magento 2 redesign. We are ecstatic to work with them again!

Just like with any 37 Elite site, they couldn't wait for initial launch. With the Magento 2 migration, that anticipation has only increased!